Add and manage the permissions of users on your Amenitiz account

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Add a new member to your team and manage the user's access.

To add different users to your Amenitiz account, go to Settings in your administrator area and then go to Team:

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Here, you will find the list of users currently associated with your account. Click on Add a member to the team, and a window will open containing the user creation form:

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    1. Fill in the requested information: First and last name, and email address.
    2. Choose the user's permission level to define
    3. Click on Add User to save this user.
    4. An email will be sent to the email address provided where the password will be informed.

By default, we created 4 types of profiles: Administrator, Editor, Limited Access, and Housekeeper. However, you can customize the permission level by checking and unchecking the boxes for each permission.

Users with Limited access will only have access to the calendar and inventory for the specific accommodation you have selected. This is especially useful if you have a property manager that wants to give a property owner access to their own property only. Limited access allows one to see and edit inventory, see and edit calendar, see reservations for the selected accommodation

To be able to manage AmenitizPay payments, you need to give these accesses:
Can manage Amenitiz Pay transactions (create payments, authorizations, etc.)
Can access the Amenitiz Pay section

Regarding the dashboard, you can choose to give these accesses:

The dashboard statistics, which is the upper part of the dashboard:
The dashboard overview, which is the lower part of the dashboard:Screenshot_2022-03-29_at_14.10.30.png

To modify the permissions, you can click on the three dots and on "edit member".

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