Deactivate or delete a rate plan

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Deactivate or delete a specific rate plan.


In order to delete a rate plan, go to > Booking Engine and click on > Pricing:

From here, you will be able to see all your rate plans. You can either deactivate them or delete them:

  1. To deactivate them you simply have to click on the blue button. It will become grey to indicate that it is not activated and therefore no bookings will be allowed associated with this plan :deactivate_rate_plan.gif

  2. To delete them you go to > ... > Remove rate plan:.
    Type exactly what is in quotation marks to validate the action and > Confirm:


    You will only be able to remove a rate plan if this rate plan is not connected to any platform and there are no bookings associated to it.

    It is not possible to deactivate or delete the standard rate because it is your default rate.


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