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The Charges Report is your best ally when it comes to knowing your revenue by charges. On the report, you will find all the charges that have been consumed by your guests for each day of the selected period. Booking charges include room charges, extra charges and city taxes.

The Charges Report can be especially useful to verify that your charges, payments and invoices all match for a specific day.

To find the Charges Report, go to Reports in the menu of your admin space, and click on the Reports subsection. Scroll down until you find the Charges Report in the reports list.
From here, tick the box to select the report. A pop up will appear: click on Next.


Next, choose the email address you want the report to be sent to, and the dates for which you want to extract the report. Finally, click on Send reports.


Indicators of the reports:

The Charges Report lists all your charges day by day. That means that if you have a booking over three nights, each of the nights will be listed as a charge in a separate line. This division allows you to get an accurate view of the daily activity of your property.

Keep in mind that the charges report lists all the charges present in your bookings, whether or not they have been paid and/or invoiced. If a booking is cancelled, the charges will NOT show on the report.

The report consists of the following information:
  • Date: This date is the date that the charge was consumed by the guest or the date you chose when you added the charge.
    For example, if you have received a booking for May 1st to May 3rd with a rate that includes breakfast, you will have 1 room charge and 1 breakfast charge for May 1st, May 2nd and May 3rd.
  • Type: This helps you understand what kind of charge it is. A type of charge can be a booked night, a city tax, an extra or be a custom charge if you have added a free field.
  • Category: The category is only available for the type of charge "Extra". The category displayed here is the one that you have linked your extra to in your settings. If you extra charge is not linked to a category, the field will remain empty.

    If you have doubts about what an extra category is, visit this article.

  • Description: This is the name of your extra or room category booked (if the charge is a booked night). This helps you identify what the charge is.
  • Client: This is the name of the client that made the booking. If the booker and occupant of the booking is different, this column will still display the booker's name.
  • Booking reference: This is Amenitiz booking reference. This is the reference you can use to search for bookings in the search bar at the top of your admin or that you can communicate to the support team in case of issue.
  • Charge revenue (tax excl.): this is the revenue of each of the charges present in your booking.
  • VAT rate: This is the VAT rate of each of your charges based on what you have defined in your settings when creating the rooms and extras. If you have manually modified the VAT rate or amount of a charge in the booking details of your booking, the updated amount will be displayed here.

    Note that for some OTA bookings, the VAT rate cannot be retrieved for a specific charge and the VAT rate could be wrong or be displayed as 0%. In that case, you will need to update it directly in the booking details for the specific charge you want to update.

  • VAT amount: This is the VAT amount of each of your charges. It is calculated by multiplying the VAT rate by the tax excluded amount of the charge. If you have manually modified the VAT rate or amount of a charge in the booking details of your booking, the updated amount will be displayed here.
  • Charge revenue (tax incl.): this is the tax included revenue of each of the charges present in your booking. It is calculated by summing the tax excluded amount and the VAT amount of the charge.
  • Source: This is the source of your booking. The source could be Amenitiz (your Amenitiz booking engine if you have one), manual (if you have entered the booking directly in the admin) or the name of the OTA channel the booking has been received through.

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