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You can add buttons to your site, and change their design, colour, and appearance.


In order to add a new button or change its design, simply go to > Website > website > Customize:


You will then arrive at the homepage of your website. If it is not a change on the homepage you're trying to make, go to > Pages to find the page where you want to do it.

  1. On your left menu, select the block you wish to add the button or change the design:

  2. Go to > Button and tick "Add a button" to personnalize it: 

  3. Click on > Save to update the changes.

You can add colours, change the size, add a title and a link (internal or external) to the button. Adding a button is available in most of our blocks. Only the ones that were not created for this purpose don't have this option.

To add a link behind a button, click on "Button link" and choose the page the button will redirect the clients, you can also choose an external link, in this case you can add the link of the other website:Screenshot_2021-11-04_at_12.24.35.png

For column blocks, as you can add text/photos to each column, you can activate a button for each column. In this case, you might have to activate the button directly from > Content > choose the column you want to add the button > Add the button:

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