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This article explains how to add new photos on your website, on a specific page.


In order to add a photo to your image gallery, simply go to > Website > website > Customize:


You will then arrive at the homepage of your website. If it is not a change on the homepage you're trying to make, go to > Pages to find the page where you want to apply changes on the image gallery:

  1. On your left menu, scroll down to add a new block by clicking on > Add an element to add “Image gallery” or select the block “Image gallery” already created:

  2. In > Content you can add the photos you want by clicking on > Image/Add image:

  3. You have the choice of adding a photo from your computer, from the ones in your library, or from our database. The photo will download and appear at the end of the photo library. Click on the photo to see it appear and then save.

  4. Do not forget to click on > Save to save the changes.

Once you added your new photos, do not forget to add SEO on your pictures!

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