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You can add new pages to your website, to present the activities around your property, the tariffs you propose or the gift cards that the clients can offer. This article explains how to add new pages, and how to delete them.


  1. Add a new page
    In order to add a new page on your website, simply go to > Website > Pages :

    You will then have a list of the pages of your website. At the top right click on > Add a page :

    You will be redirected to the page form where you'll have to enter the type page as well as the title for each activated language. A URL is automatically created by the system, but you can change it if you wish to. After completing, click on > Save:

    To personalize this new page, go to > Website > website > Customize. Then go to > Pages and click on the page you just created to apply changes.

    Click here to find out how to add a new page to the menu of your website.

  2. Modify or delete a page
    To modify or delete a page, click on Website > Pages

    On each line corresponding to a page, you will see three small dots. By clicking on them, you will be offered two choices:
    Modify the page, you can from here modify the title and the URL of this page
    Remove the page: as soon as the page is validated, it will be definitively deleted and the action is irreversible.

    The "Home", "Rooms" and "Contact" pages cannot be deleted

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