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You can check the history of your reservations, this article explains what can be tracked and what this different information means.


To access the history of your reservations, go to > Reservations in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.

Click on the booking you wish to modify and on "view booking details" :


Then, go to "Inbox" tab, and go down to "Communication logs":

You will find these elements:

  • When the reservation has been created with the source (Airbnb, Booking, Booking engine etc...)
  • When the automated emails have been sent, both to the guest and to the property.

Here is an example of the reservation's history:


  1. When the booking has been created, and the source of the reservation: it can be from an OTA, from the booking engine or manually.

  2. When the invoice has been created.

  3. When the invoice has been cancelled.

  4. When the credit note has been created, following the cancellation of the invoice.

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