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You can modify the URL of the pages of your website, if you want to change what appears in the URL of your website for a specific page. You can also modify the name of your page from the same section, this article explains how to do it.


In order to modify the URL or name of a page, click on "Website" in the side bar of the Amentiz administrator area, a submenu will then appear below, and you can click on the "Pages" tab.

You will then have a list of the pages of your website.

On each line corresponding to a page, you will see three small dots.

By clicking on them, a "Edit this page" button will appear, click on this button and you will then be redirected to the page editing form.Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_10.59.59.png

  1. Change the name of the page

    On this section, you can modify the name of your pages, do not forget to do the translations for every language activated by clicking on the flags, and click on > Save.Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_11.00.21.png

  2. Change the URL of the page

    On the same section you will be able to modify the URL of the page in each activated language.
    After editing, click on the "Save" button before leaving the page.Screenshot_2023-03-07_at_11.00.21.png

    Check that the characters indicated in the URL are allowed, like special characters for example (otherwise they will be deleted when saving).

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