What is Meta Management?

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Meta Management, here, concerns the management of the metadata of your institution's site.

Metadata, also known as "meta-elements" or "meta tags", are part of the code that constitutes the pages of your institution's site. They are used to reference the different pages of your site.

There are several types, and Amenitiz offers you to manage yourself:

  • Meta-titles,
  • Meta-descriptions.

These elements appear in search engine results and not in the pages of your website.

Let's make an example using Amenitiz.com.

When you search for "Amenitiz" in the bar of your search engine, you will come to this:Screenshot_2021-11-16_at_16.27.27.png

All search engines work in the same way, they all have a meta-title and a meta-description. The objective is that these elements best describe the content of your page.

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