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We recommend you to create and manage your Google My Business sheet, the aim is to increase your visibility on Google, boost your direct bookings and improve the customer experience. This article explains how to create and manage a google my business sheet.


Here is a video explaining how to create and manage your Google My Business sheet:

When a client is looking for your property on Google, they will see the OTA ads first, but also the google My business sheet of the property.

  1. First, to find or create your Google My Business sheet, search your postal address on google maps and/or the name and the city of your property on google.

    Once you are on your Google My Business sheet, click on “own this business?”, and become the owner of this Google My Business sheet, by connecting with your gmail account and filling in all the information required. Then, google will review your demand.

  2. Once you have been made the owner of the Google My Business sheet, you can modify the photos, contact information, the domain name by adding for example your new domain name after the website has been online. It is important to do it if you just bought your domain name for example, to increase its SEO quicker on Google. You can also change or put the name of the property, we recommend you to put the same name as the one you have on the OTA and on your website.

    To modify your Google My Business sheet if you are not the owner yet, you can click on ”Suggest an edit” to add first your domain name for example.


Then, this Google My Business sheet will be seen from a computer or from a smartphone, on Google or on Google Maps

Clients will then be able to go directly on your website to book online with the “website” logo, to contact you by phone, or to ask some questions directly on this sheet.

As a result, you will give your prospects more tools to avoid booking on the OTA, and improve the customer experience even before they land on your website.

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