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If your property is in France you have access to the monthly INSEE report. This article explains where to find it and what is inside


To find the INSEE Report, go to Reports in the menu of your admin space, and click on the Reports subsection. Scroll down until you find the INSEE Report in the reports list.
From here, tick the box to select the report. A pop up will appear: click on Next:


Next, choose the email address you want the report to be sent to, and the dates for which you want to extract the report. Finally, click on Send reports:


In this report, you will find this information:

  • The number of occupied rooms per day of the month
  • The number of arrivals per nationality
  • The number of nights per nationality

This report is available for properties based in France only, if the country in property > general is not France, you will not have access to this report.

This report uses data from your client files. If you haven't entered the "country" of each of your customers for the bookings of the month, the data will be wrong.

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