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This article gives you the recommended sizes for your pictures on Amenitiz, depending on the type of image and where they are on your Amenitiz account.


On the website builder:

  • For the home page cover of the website: 1920 x 1080 px (from Mac 1440 x 550 px)
  • For the cover pictures of the website (not for the homepage): 1440 x 400 px
  • You can add a Strip bloc on the website builder, for this photo the recommended size is: 1500 x 600 px
  • For the logo that you can add on the website: 1000 x 400 px

On the Booking engine:

  • For the booking engine cover: 1350 x 270 px
    From booking engine > settings
  • For the pictures of the accommodations: 1000 x 750 px
    From property > accommodations
  • For the logo that you can add on the invoices: 150 x 80 px
    From invoices > Settings


  • We also recommend a weight of the photos between 200 ko/kb - 500 ko/kb
  • You can compress pictures to keep high quality on Tinypng or on Iloveimg.

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