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It is possible to connect your Website to Google Hotel. This article explains what this connection is and the prerequisites before being connected.



As this connection cannot be made from your Amenitiz Extranet, you need to contact our support team to be connected to Google Hotel.
Before the connection, here are the prerequisites to set up on your side:

  • If you don't have one yet, create a Google My Business Profile. Note that it may take several days for Google to validate your location if you are creating it.

  • The category of your property on your Google My Business profile must be a hotel, guest house, or bed and breakfast.
    The 'Vacation Rental' properties are not allowed to have free booking links (flats, cottages, etc).
    You can change the category from your Google profile, they will accept this change if 2 of these sentences are true:
    Have a front desk where new arrivals check-in?
    Have permanent on-site management?
    Welcome walk-in customers.
  • Fill in your address information in the Property > General tab of your Amenitiz extranet. This address must be the same as the one you have on your Google My Business page so that Google can validate this connection.
    Click here to see more information on the Google My Business page if you have any doubts.
  • Your domain name must be added to your Google My Business page, you can see if it appears properly if you have a "Website" icon at the top of your Google My Business page.

Google Hotel

Google Hotel compares the booking options when a potential customer is looking for your property for a specific date..
The connection between Google Hotel and Amenitiz allows you to have your website listed in the search results with your direct prices and availabilities

The connection we currently have creates a free booking link on Google, which means that clients will see the official website when they click on these blocks in red:


The client will be redirected to the Prices tab and will be able to see the official website with your price:


By clicking on “Visit site”, the client will be redirected to the Booking Engine of your website in order to book their stay.


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