Multi-Iban: Split AmenitizPay payments between different bank accounts

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With AmenitizPay, you can distribute payouts to multiple accounts, if you have several accommodations owned by several owners and you want the payouts to be split between several bank accounts. This article explains how to activate this feature.


This activation consists of the creation of several Amenitizpay accounts, 1 AmenitizPay account per bank account, and then linking your Amenitiz accommodations to AmenitizPay accounts.

To add new bank accounts to which the money from bookings will be paid, go to your Amenitiz administrator area and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the AmenitizPay tab and > Settings
  2. Click on > Accounts
  3. Click on "Add Account" and follow the instructions to create a new AmenitizPay account:
    By clicking on the 3 dots, you can modify the information of the AmenitizPay account.
  4. Create the number of AmenitizPay accounts you need.

Once all your AmenitizPay accounts have been created, you can link them to the corresponding accommodation.

  1. In the same AmenitizPay > Settings section, click on the "Properties" tab:
  2. You have on the left side the Amenitiz accommodations. In the column "Account holder", choose the AmenitizPay accounts that you want to link to the accommodations.
    For example, you manage the accommodation "King" for "Bruce Wayne" who is the owner of this accommodation. The rental income must be received in the owner's bank account, so you will link Bruce Wayne's AmenitizPay account to the King accommodation.

Gift cards will no longer be available if you create several AmenitizPay accounts.

The link has now been established, so then the amount of the bookings will be transferred weekly to the bank accounts linked to the accommodation.

You will also be able to filter payments, transactions, payouts and pre-authorisations per AmenitizPay account from the dedicated tabs to find all these details by owner:Screenshot_2022-03-31_at_17.11.02.png

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