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Vikey provides self check-in and domotics products. It is possible to link your Vikey account with your Amenitiz reservations. This article explains what is Vikey and how to activate it.


What is Vikey?

Vikey is an external service provider which allows :

  • Guests to enter a property autonomously with their smartphone thanks to electronic locks
  • To automate the sending of guests data to the authorities
  • Properties to equip themselves with domotic and better manage their energy consumption

Special offer

As an Amenitiz client, you will receive a 10% discount on all the Vikey products and services!
You can let them know you are an Amenitiz client when subscribing to make this offer apply.

The synchronization between Vikey and Amenitiz entails transferring the information from your Amenitiz reservations to Vikey.
For these reservations, automated sending to the police and autonomous entrance can be enabled.
The only piece of information required by Vikey to automate the services is an email address on the reservation.

If there are any changes to the dates of stay or if a reservation is cancelled, for example, updates on the reservations will be forwarded to Vikey.


Activate Vikey on Amenitiz

Before connecting Vikey with Amenitiz, you need to have a Vikey account.

  1. Once you have subscribed to Vikey, go to the Marketplace from your Amenitiz admin, look for Vikey and click on "Activate".
  2. Your hotel code will be displayed
  3. You can add this code on Vikey to enable the synchronization

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