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Select the outstanding charges related to an account in order to invoice them.

You can generate an invoice for a client by selecting different charges from different reservations.
First, you need to assign these charges to the client, see how in this article.

  1. Go to > Clients in the sidebar of your administrator area, and click on the client you want to invoice:


  2. You will then land on the client file. From here, you can generate an invoice in the Outstanding charges section, or directly at the bottom of the page.


  3. After clicking, you will see the Outstanding charges, and the Unassigned payments and refunds of your client.
    Click on the charges that you want to invoice, and the related payments. For each charge, you can click on view details to select the specific charge you want to invoice:


    If you want all the payments and charges to be registered in one invoice, you only have to put a tick in all the payments and charges before generating the invoice.

  4. Then click on Generate invoice

    You will not be able to add more charges to this invoice

    You will then access the invoice page, where you will be able to download the invoice as a Pdf, or send it via email to your client:


  5. When selecting the charges, if the payments have not been fully registered, you will be able to edit the invoice, adding and removing items. To do so, click on the blue arrow in the bottom right corner:


  6. You will land on the draft page of the invoice where you can finish the edition and approve the draft, send it by mail and record a payment on this invoice.


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