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With AmenitizPay, you can manage payments directly while creating a manual reservation.
This article explains what you can do in terms of payments when adding a manual reservation.

After adding the reservation details, you can choose between sending a payment link, charging a credit card, retrieve the credit card via email or not making any payments for this reservation:


Depending on your account, you can have the drop-down list, or an automated email which allows your guests to accept your terms and conditions and pay by credit card or bank transfer for the booking. More information about this feature here.

  1. Send a payment link
    A payment link is an online payment which is generated and shared through a link by the merchant to the customer, to make instant online payments.
    After filling the email address when adding your client details, generate a payment link by entering the amount you wish to request from your customer:

    This link will be sent by email, and the guest will be able to pay the amount requested.

  2. Add a credit card
    You can manually add the credit card of the guest when creating the reservation, or use an existing one if a credit card is already attached to the client file:

    The automatization of payments will be applied and will depend on the rate plan and sales terms used for this new reservation, you will get the details of the payments schedule.

    Depending on the bank of your client, you may receive a pop-up asking you to add the verification code received by your client.

  3. Retrieve the credit card via email
    This option is available only if no credit card is linked to this client.
    You can email to confirm the manual booking, it will require your guest to input their credit card information. The card will be charged based on the payment schedule if you choose this option, otherwise the card will simply be saved

Once the reservation is created, you will find all the information related to the payments in the Payment tab of the reservation.

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