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The Payments Summary gives you all the information regarding the payments' status of your reservations.




You can filter the dates, all the reservations included in the filtered dates will appear:


Then, you can find the amount of money currently pending on AmenitizPay:Screenshot_2022-09-28_at_10.55.35.png


On your payments dashboard, you will find the payments which are already planned with AmenitizPay, but not processed yet. It can include the pending amount if you scheduled payments by instalments (for example, 70% at booking and 30% 7 days before arrival), or if a payment will be processed with a virtual credit card the day of its activation.


You will find on the right the amount to pay. If a number appears, it means that on some reservations, no payments have been registered or processed, and no payments are planned with AmenitizPay yet (for example payments by cash, bank transfer, etc..).



All the confirmed reservations for the period selected will be displayed with the information of the status of payments: paid, unpaid, partially paid and overpaid:



If all the payments of the reservation have not been registered yet, you can process or log a payment by clicking on "Create a payment". You can choose to charge your client's credit card if it is on the reservation, send a payment link, create a payment on the payment terminal or log a transaction outside AmenitizPay:



To see the details of the payments of a reservation, you can click on the arrow on the right of the reservation, or on "See details" to access the reservation.Screenshot_2022-09-28_at_10.58.48.png

You can have 2 types of payment details: Credit card, which means that the payment has been processed with AmenitizPay, and Other transaction, which means a transaction has been logged on the reservation (cash, bank transfer, credit card...).

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