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Chapka is an insurance service that your guests can take out at the time of booking. It is completely free of charge for you, the hotelier.

If you would like to find out more about Chapka Insurance (Requirements, Conditions & Costs for the traveller), you can read our presentation article by clicking here

Activate Chapka Assurance

STEP 1, Activation
Go to the MarketPlace, search for Chapka in the search bar, then click on the Chapka Insurance section:

Click on "Activate", then click on "Yes" in the box that will appear on your page:  

Screenshot_2022-08-17_at_18.40.04.pngAt the bottom of the page you will find : 

    1. Associated Sales Terms
      Activating Chakpa Assurance will automatically create specific sales terms for its use. 

      These sales terms must contain the following provisions:

      • The default name associated will be "Travel Insurance Sales Terms". You may change it afterwards.
      • It will be mandatory for the client to pay 100% of the booking upfront.
      • The credit card payment method will be activated by default. You will not be able to change the payments methods associated to it.

    2. Associated Pricing Plan
      You will need to link one or several non refundable rate plans to the sales conditions in order to offer Chapka Insurance to your travellers.



STEP 2, Setting up

- You can view the sales terms that the system has created by clicking See the sales terms. 
You can add details in the "Description" part of the different fields; 

You then need to link your conditions to a non refundable rate plan:  

    1. Click on Link a rate plan (still in Chakpa Assurance in the MarketPlace)
    2. You will be redirected to your rate plans, in order to select the non refundable rate plan you wish to associate with Chapka Insurance. 

"In our situation, we want to link this insurance to our insurance rate plan.
So we have created an insurance rate plan in advance."
You can read our article on how to create a rate plan by clicking here

You must therefore click on the rate plan, here "insurance rate plan".: 


Then in the settings, go to "Rate plan Settings", and in the part "Select the sales terms you want to apply to this rate", you must select "Travel Insurance": 


Then, don't forget to Save at the bottom of the page. 

STEP 3, There you have it!
In summary, make sure : 
- Chapka Insurance activated in the MarketPlace

- You linked the Travel Insurance sales terms to your desired price plan

- 100% of your payment schedule (in the AmenitizPay > Settings section) contains the sales terms for travel insurance (this is the default setting at the time of creation). 

You have just activated Chakpa Insurance for your travellers!

(Discover the display that will appear for your traveller, in the footer of our presentation article by clicking here).



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