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Greetings hoteliers! 👋

Welcome to the simplified universe of managing your Airbnb listings with Amenitiz! This guide will walk you through the joys of connecting your Airbnb account to our Channel Manager, turning the hassle of managing multiple listings into a streamlined and joyous experience. ☀️


Before you connect 🤓


✔️ Ensure you have an Airbnb or OTA rate plan already set up in Amenitiz. If not, click here to learn how to create one.

✔️ Confirm that your Airbnb rate plan in Amenitiz is associated with all the accommodations you have announced on Airbnb. 

✔️ Check that room/accommodation structures align perfectly between Airbnb and Amenitiz (aim for a one-to-one connection).

✔️ The connection needs to be done from the Airbnb Owner account (note: Co-host accounts won’t do the trick here).  

✔️ You can connect 1 (or several) Airbnb accounts to 1 Amenitiz account by yourself but if you have 1 Airbnb account that you want to connect to 2 different Amenitiz accounts, kindly contact our support team.  

✔️ Make sure that all the properties you wish to connect are listed on Airbnb (they can be unlisted post-connection).

✔️ Disconnect any existing channel managers from your Airbnb account before you begin. Here’s how: Log into your account, navigate to ‘Profile’> ‘Account’> ‘Privacy & Sharing’> ‘Connected apps’> ‘Remove access’.

❗If you’re new to using a channel manager with Airbnb, be aware that the commission model will shift to 14-16% charged to you, the owner. But not to worry—you can adjust your rates accordingly to ensure this change doesn’t impact your guests financially. More about this here.

Watch our tutorial ▶️👇

⚠️ Language settings might change during setup (as demonstrated in our tutorial). Please proceed with the outlined steps to complete the integration process.

How do I know it's activated? 🤔


A step-by-step guide 👩‍💻

1️⃣ Initiating the connection

Log into your Amenitiz account, select 'Channel Manager' from the left sidebar, then 'OTAs', and finally "Activate Airbnb".

On the Airbnb activation page, simply click "Connect with Airbnb".

You’ll be redirected to the Airbnb login page. Enter your credentials and proceed to authorise the connection.

2️⃣ Room mapping

Match your Amenitiz accommodations to your Airbnb listings using the dropdown menus, then click "Continue".

3️⃣ Rate plans mapping

Select the appropriate rate plan to connect with Airbnb and click "Continue".

4️⃣ Importing bookings

Import any upcoming Airbnb bookings that aren’t already in your Amenitiz planner by selecting "I have reservations on Airbnb", then "import" and finally "activate".

If there are no new reservations, simply choose "I don’t have reservations on Airbnb" and hit "activate".

🔔 Once connected, ensure your Airbnb rate is open in your Amenitiz inventory. Here’s how.

After you connect ⚡️


Head back to 'Channel Manager' > 'OTAs' > 'Airbnb' in your Amenitiz admin area to adjust your settings. Click on the 3 dots right after the accommodation and you’ll be able to see: 


🖇️Map/unmap: Adjust room connections. If you click ‘unmap’, the management of prices, restrictions and availabilities for that specific accommodation will have to be done from your Airbnb inventory. Its reservations will no longer go through the channel manager, nor be registered in your Amenitiz calendar. 

🔓 Unblock room: Make hidden/unlisted rooms visible.

⚙️ Settings: Manage prices and availability. Check here how to manage your Airbnb settings.

➕ Map new room: Easily link new Airbnb listings to Amenitiz. Check here how to map a new room.

🔄 Update button: Modify your linked price plan in the ‘Rates mapped’ section. 

Connecting your Airbnb account to Amenitiz's Channel Manager not only simplifies management but also amplifies your efficiency. With all your settings in one place, updates and bookings are smoother than ever. So, why wait? Get connected and take control of your Airbnb listings with ease and flair! 🚀


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