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Booking Engine
  • Make sure that your room availability is not set to “0” on your inventory. Additionally, check if your rates are open.
    Find out more information about availability settings on your inventory here, and rate openings here.

  • You might see that your standard rate is closed on your inventory, but make sure that all the other rates offered on your booking engine are closed too.
    Find out more information about rate closing and opening here.

  • The minimum stay restriction of your “2 nights” rate might not be correctly set up. You can quickly check this information on your inventory by selecting the related rate plan and editing the restriction using the bulk update tool.
    Find out more about how to edit restrictions in this article.

  • For restrictions to be editable, they have to be set as independent in the restriction settings of the related plans. Otherwise, the restrictions of the rate plan from which they derive will be applied.
    You can find more information about setting specific restrictions for a rate plan here.

Channel Manager
  • You might see that your standard rate is open on your inventory, but make sure that the rate connected to booking.com is open as well.
    Find out more information about rate openings here.

  • Note that the connection with the OTAs is not automatic when you add a new room to your Amenitiz account. Make sure to create the room on your booking.com account first, and then contact us so that we can complete the connection for you.
    Find More information about the prerequisites before connecting a new room to an OTA here.

  • The connection of a new rate plan to an OTA is not automatic. When creating a rate plan, choosing which OTA you want to link is simply to see in your inventory which OTA your rate plan is linked to. Contact our team to complete the connection.
    More information about rate plan creation can be found here.

  • When creating a new rate plan on the OTA, the connection to the channel manager has to be updated by our support team: if a rate plan is not connected to the channel manager, the reservations made on this rate plan will not be sent to Amenitiz.
    Find out more about connecting a new rate plan with the channel manager here.

  • The extras created on Amenitiz are only available for your booking engine and the reservation that you add manually to your account. These extras are not sent to the OTA, you need to create them on the OTA directly.
    Find out more about creating an extra here.
  • Check the date of the reservation, if this booking has been imported during the creation of your Amenitiz account, the changes done on an OTA won’t be sent to Amenitiz.
    Find out more about canceled reservations here.
  • Promotions are designed to be offered on your booking engine only. It is a way to thank your client for booking directly on your website. As such, promotions are not sent to OTAs.
    Find out more about promotions in this article.
Property Management System
  • If you manually added a reservation to your account, note that confirmation emails are not sent automatically, you will have to send them manually, directly from the booking details.
    Find out more about sending emails here.

  • You can access the history of a reservation, and track the emails that have been sent directly from the reservation details in the “History” tab, as explained in this article.
  • For legal reasons, you can’t add a reservation whose dates are in the past. You can only choose a check-in date from today on.
    Visit this article to find out more information on how to add a reservation.
  • All your invoices related to your Amenitiz subscription are available on your account. You will find them in Settings, and Billing information, as explained in this article.
  • Note that payouts are transferred to your bank every Wednesday. These payouts will include all transactions made from Monday night to the previous Monday night.
    Find out more information about the reconciliation of payouts and payments here.

  • Creating a payment link doesn’t automatically send it to your client. Once created, send an automatic email with the payment link directly from Amenitiz, or copy the link and send it from your personal email.
    Find more information about creating and sending payment links here.

  • There can be several reasons for a payment failure, your client may have insufficient funds on his bank account, or your client didn’t complete the 3D secure step when proceeding with the payment.
    Advise your client to make sure to complete the payment process, and to contact his bank in case of further issue.
    Find more information about charging a card with AmenitizPay here.

  • Note that the record of a transaction in a reservation is only informative, no amount is actually charged or refunded to the payment method when you log a payment or a refund.
    If you want to charge or refund a payment method, you can either create an AmenitizPay payment/refund or use your regular method of charging your guests.
    Find out more about how to refund a payment with AmenitizPay here.
Website builder
  • The size of the cover picture is 1920 x 1080 pixels (from Mac: 1440 x 550 px).
    Find more information about recommended sizes for your website pictures here.

  • From the website builder, select the page you want to edit and locate the block including the picture you want to change. Click on “Content” and select the picture to remove or replace it. Find more information about adding and editing pictures on your website in this article.

  • You can add links to your social media in the footer of your webpage. From the website builder, locate the block “Footer” and add your Facebook, Instagram or Tripadvisor links.
    Find out more information about adding social medial to your website here.

  • You can add your logo in the header or footer of your website, as a picture in .png or .jpeg format. From the website builder, click on the related block and choose “Content”, then click on “Add a picture”. You will then be able to select your logo from your picture gallery.
    Find more information about adding a logo on your website here.

  • Once the page has been completed with the website builder, go to the Website section on your Amenitiz account, and select the Menu section. From here you will be able to edit the menu and add your new page to your website.
    Find more information about adding a new page to a menu here.

  • You can decide to temporarily unpublish your website directly from the Website section on your Amenitiz account, where you will be able to switch between online and offline mode.
    Find more information about the website builder in this article.

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