How to create a payment in the payments tab

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This article provides you with useful information about the payment tab and the payment transactions in the booking details.


To access the payment tab in the reservation, you need to:

  1. Go to "Reservations" or "Planning".
  2. Click on "view booking details" in a reservation.
  3. Click on "Payments".

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The payment tab shows the current payment status of your reservation. You can see what has been paid, partially paid, or unpaid.

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If there have not been any transactions or payments you can click on “+ new payment” In this section, you can select a payment method from AmenitizPay, such as a payment link, a bank transfer, and more, or you can click on “other transactions” and simply register the payment transaction.

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What’s the difference between payment links, bank transfers, credit cards, and other transactions? Any payment operated by AmenitizPay, such as payment link or any other options mentioned above is a processed payment through Amenitizpay, whereas Other transactions are manual transactions that you can add, in order to update the payment status from unpaid to pay.

Any payment transaction both from AmenitizPay or manual transaction that you want to add is displayed in this section.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 14.40.04.png

You can see the difference between AmenitizPay and other transactions in the list of transactions, as the manual transaction will be displayed as type transaction whereas payments with AmenitizPay are displayed as AmenitzPay type.

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