How to disconnect your OTA connection with Amenitiz

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If you are an Amenitiz user looking to disconnect your OTA connections, this article will help you understand the steps to do.

We DO NOT recommend disconnecting the channel manager as its primary purpose is to support you in efficiently managing availability, pricing, and restrictions. By keeping the channel manager connected, you can automate these processes, reducing the risk of overbooking.

The steps to follow to disconnect the Channel manager are:

  1. Notify Amenitiz support: Amenitiz will have to disconnect the channel from their internal system.
  2. Disconnecting the Channel Manager on the OTAs' connectivity setting: to complete the disconnection, you must go to the connectivity setting/ provider of the OTAs individually, or contact their support directly.

Amenitiz cannot disconnect the channel manager completely but you will also need to disconnect it from the OTAs, each OTA has its own disconnecting process, so you will need to check that with them directly.

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