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Hello, hospitality enthusiasts! πŸ‘‹ 

Ready to boost those direct bookings? Time to say goodbye to the high commissions charged by OTAs such as Booking.com and Airbnb. Join us as we explore 12 effective strategies that will transform your Amenitiz platform into a direct booking magnet. πŸ§²πŸ“ˆ 


1. Showcase rooms with stunning photos and descriptions πŸ–ΌοΈ

A picture is worth a thousand bookings.

Action: Upload captivating and high-quality photos and write attractive descriptions for each room type displayed in your website or booking engine.

Benefit: This visual and descriptive appeal helps guests envision their stay, increasing the likelihood of booking.

2. Rate plans personalization 🎟️

Personalize to maximize - tailored rates for every guest.

Action: Adjust how your rate plans appear in the booking engine - avoid displaying OTA rates and set smart restrictions like minimum stays.

Benefit: Creates a more tailored and seamless booking experience, encouraging guests to book directly due to the perceived higher value and convenience.

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (hide OTA fee at Amenitiz - go to point 2 of the mentioned article)

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (change the minimum stay)


3. Clear, persuasive sales terms and rate descriptions πŸ’¬

Your rates and terms should be as clear as a sunny day.

Action: Review and clarify your rate descriptions and sales terms.

Benefit: Transparency in pricing and policies builds trust and sets the right expectations, making guests more likely to book directly.

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (create or modify sales terms)

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (create or modify rates, point 1)


4. Higher prices on external platforms πŸ“Š

Make your website the obvious choice for the best deal.

Action: Set slightly higher rates on OTA platforms compared to your website.

Benefit: Not only does this highlight the cost-saving advantage of booking directly, but it also cleverly turns OTAs into traffic drivers for your website. When travelers see higher rates on OTAs, they're often prompted to check your site, potentially leading to direct bookings. It's like turning the competition into your very own marketing team, without them even knowing it!

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (through the explanation in point 3, you can define that your OTA rate derives from the Standard Rate, having, for example, an increase of 15%)

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (you can also change prices from your inventory)


5. Get visibility with Google Hotel Connection 🌟

Connect with Google Hotel to put your hotel on the world stage 🌍 This connection ensures your property’s website pops up when potential guests are searching online.

Action: Set up a connection with Google Hotel.

Benefit: Increases visibility and direct booking opportunities.

Potential guests will see that your prices are lower than the OTAs and will automatically choose to book directly through your website.


6. Leverage PriceAdvisor: your competitive pricing tool πŸ’Ή

PriceAdvisor is a tool that offers recommended prices based on market trends, competitor pricing, and occupancy rates.

Action: Use the PriceAdvisor tool to set market-responsive rates.

Benefit: Ensures your pricing is competitive, attracting more direct bookings while optimizing revenue.


7. Exclusive Promotions on Your Website πŸŽ‰

Exclusive deals, exclusive appeal.

Action: Create special offers or packages (like unique tours or spa passes) only available through your website.

Benefit: Exclusive deals incentivize guests to book directly for the best value. It’s like hosting an exclusive party – everyone wants an invite!


8. Showcase Unique Experiences 🌍

Beyond beds: unique experiences.

Action: Highlight the unique aspects of staying at your property, other than just the rooms.

Benefit: Appeals to guests' desire for unique travel experiences.



9. Develop a Loyalty Program πŸ’–

Reward loyalty, foster a community.

Action: Implement a loyalty program with special perks for repeat guests (like creating a promo code).

Benefit: Encourages repeat bookings and fosters long-term guest relationships.

10. Boost Your SEO with ALT Texts 🌐

ALT Texts and Metadata: The SEO game change.

Action: Add diverse, keyword-rich ALT texts and Metadata to your website photos and to your meta-titles and meta-descriptions, respectively.

Benefit: This tactic boots your SEO, improving your website's search engine ranking and attracting more direct traffic.

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (boost SEO in your photos through ALT text)

πŸ‘‡ See how to do it here (change the meta-titles and meta-descriptions of your website)

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11. Amplify Your Online Presence πŸ“’

Get social and get noticed: Share your website on social media and through local tourism offices.

Action: Promote your site through various online and local channels.

Benefit: Increases website visits and higher Google ranks, leading to even more direct bookings.


12. Start a Blog: Increase Visibility and Engagement πŸ“

Engage and inform: the power of blogging.

Action: Create a blog about your hotel and local attractions.

Benefit: Boosts your website's content, enhancing SEO and online discoverability. Remember, creating a blog is an investment of 10 euros/month – a small price for a big boost in online presence.


By blending these enhanced strategies with the versatile features of Amenitiz, you're not just boosting your bookings; you're crafting a guest experience that starts from the first click. πŸš€

Remember, the essence of hospitality combines cutting-edge solutions with that unique personal touch. ✨


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