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Hello dear hoteliers!Β At Amenitiz, we understand that your hospitality needs to evolve, and circumstances might change. πŸ”€ If you're considering cancelling your subscription with us, we want to make this process as smooth as possible for you. Follow these simple steps to ensure your request is handled efficiently. ✨

1. Reach out via Email πŸ“§

Start by emailing us at and include the reasons behind your cancellation request. πŸ“ We're always eager to learn what might not be working as expected, or how we can improve our services to suit your needs better. Your feedback helps us understand where adjustments can be made, either on our end or by providing you with creative solutions that could enhance your Amenitiz experience. πŸ’ͺ

2. Let us review and respond πŸ“ž

After receiving your email, a member of our Amenitiz team will review your request. πŸ‘€ We will contact you to discuss the next steps, which could involve finding solutions to improve your experience with Amenitiz and continue our partnership, or simply processing the cancellation. Our priority is to handle this with care and provide you with the best possible outcome. 🀝

A quick reminder πŸ—“οΈΒ 
Please keep in mind that Amenitiz subscriptions come with a commitment period of one year. To successfully process your cancellation request, ensure you reach out at least three months before your planned departure. 🧠

For a more detailed look at our policies, you can always refer to our Terms & Conditions. We aim to provide transparency while supporting you with any challenges or questions that arise. ❓

If you need assistance at any stage of this process, our support team is just an email away. πŸ“¬ We're dedicated to offering solutions that empower your property management journey, even if it means helping you navigate your exit. 🌿


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