Activate an AmenitizPay account with a restricted status

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Your AmenitizPay account may be in restricted status, it can be a reason why you don't receive your payouts or can’t automate your payments, meaning that your guest can not pay on your website. This article explains how to unlock your AmenitizPay account to receive your payouts and use it as normal.


Your AmenitizPay account has a restricted or pending status because some information is missing for the activation. It can be for example an identity document missing, your bank account not added, or the business type not specified.

The status "restricted soon" comes just before the status "restricted", in both cases you will need to finish the activation of your AmenitizPay account to have a complete status.

To update your account status, go to the tab AmenitizPay > Settings and click on "Manage account information" :


Then, you can add the missing information and your account will be enabled within a few hours.

As you know, AmenitizPay is powered by Stripe, it means that you will be redirected to Stripe to update your account.
You are the only person having access to this section, so this action can only be done by you.

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